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So why do we have “free trade” with China?

From CNET:

A report from the newspaper yesterday detailed how relatives of Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao have grown extraordinarily wealthy during his time in China’s ruling elite. The NYT reported that his family has “controlled assets” valued at $2.7 billion. His wealth stands in stark contrast to the poverty that afflicts large numbers of […]

Out of the horse’s mouth…

I don’t think it’s possible to put it more clearly why we we’re losing jobs and why “free trade” isn’t free:

“Let’s not kid ourselves about just how cheap offshore labor really is. We not only pay substantially less per hour, we also avoid the costs we would incur if these workers immigrated here. We […]

Republican “kamakizes”?

In response to a post about Obama’s chances to get reelected on Salon, BlackFedoraMan asks the following:

I have to admit the original Republican strategy seems like a stroke of genius now: prevent the president from fixing the economy, and upon reelection, blame the president for not fixing the economy.

I can’t imagine why it […]

Take THAT Libertarians!

“Individuals entering into society, must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest. We hope and believe; that [the Constitution] may promote the lasting welfare of that country so dear to us all, and secure her freedom and happiness, is our most ardent wish.”

– George Washington, on the 5th (“Transmittal”) page of […]

All wrong…

Describing Obama’s frustration with the press, via Digby from an NYT article:

He particularly believes that Democrats do not receive enough credit for their willingness to accept cuts in Medicare and Social Security [emphasis added]

I’ll give him the ACA, killing DADT, (being forced into) supporting same-sex marriage, and improved EPA enforcement, however the rest […]

Brad Delong on “Hopeless Unemployment”

As always, Brad is a worthy read, this time in “Hopeless Unemployment”. The money quote to me is this though:

At its nadir in the winter of 1933, the Great Depression was a form of collective insanity. Workers were idle because firms would not hire them; firms would not hire them because they saw no […]

Thomas Paine and “property rights”…

Via Digby:

“Land, as before said, is the free gift of the Creator in common to the human race. Personal property is the effect of society; and it is as impossible for an individual to acquire personal property without the aid of society, as it is for him to mike land originally.

Separate an individual […]

Glenn Greenwald – Journalism v. propaganda

As often, Glenn Greenwald has an excellent article on Salon, this one going over the difference between “journalism” vs. “propaganda”. I’m linking it here because of this money quote alone:

“That’s the difference between journalism and propaganadistic stenography”

Which spawns this thought of clarification:

If you’re a reporter and you actually analyze, verify, clarify, and […]


Could they play into the stereotype any more?:

” we’ve given all you people need to know”

– Anne Romney (emphasis added)

I’d like to ignore this one…

But it’s just so blatant I cannot. George Zimmerman:

“I do wish that there was something, anything, I could have done that wouldn’t have put me in the situation where I had to take [Martin’s] life”

Dispatcher to Zimmerman when he said he was following Trayvon:

“Ok, we don’t need you to do that.”

Seriously, […]