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I will note in the post below I used the term “convert”, which is a loaded word especially when talking about Islam.

To be clear, while I have no great love of any religion, I steadfastly believe in the right of all to worship any faith or for that matter, not worship at all (ie: […]

I’m with Paul…

Apparently Paul Krugman is taking a lot of heat for words like these on 9/11:

The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it.

I’m not saying that he couldn’t have said it more eloquently, and unfortunately I don’t think that […]

For a friend of mine…

I’m mostly putting this here for a friend of mine who quotes this a lot. Being a geek at heart I tend to be a lot more tolerant of this stuff. From Jurassic Park:

“Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

– […]

So, why is one a “terrorist” and not the other?

From my iGoogle RSS feeds:

No insult to SwissInfo as this is endemic in the news industry, but why aren’t we as eager to name a Christian Fundamentalist a “terrorist” as a bunch of stupid violent tree-huggers (ones that give the rest of us tree-huggers a bad name frankly)?

In a word – “propaganda”.



Sorry, I know the French are well intentioned (or at least believe they are – though I think there is a heavy tinge of prejudice involved too):

Still, this is just wrong. Religious freedom (and that includes freedom to not be religious as well thank you) is critical to civil society.

There […]

Disaster “porn”…

I think the problem with the 24 hour newscycle and the overly interconnected instant-gratification world we live in, is the suffering of some becomes the entertainment of others. In particular, things like Katrina, Haiti, and now the Japanese Tsunami become a sort of “disaster porn”, where we secretly enjoy what we’re watching, even if it […]

This is the Obama administration…

Another reminder here that the Obama administration in the vast majority of respects is a repeat of the prior administration. The official spokesman of the State Department, P.J. Crowley is forced to resign due to this completely true statement:

“What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part […]

Theologians asleep at the wheel…

Via Digby, a quote that really captures the issue with modern theologians:

“…the earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over. Man will not destroy this earth. This earth will not be destroyed by a flood…. I appreciate having panelists here who are men of faith, and we can get into […]

Orwell on the Spanish Civil-War…

There’s a lot to say about this (via the always excellent Krugman):

It’s easy to see where “1984” came from (and no, surprisingly enough it wasn’t the Communists), but there are a few lines that deserve particular attention:

And the Left intelligentsia made their swing-over from ‘War is hell’ to ‘War is […]

I don’t like to use the word…

I don’t like to use the word, but when I read this:

The word that comes to mind is:


I’m sorry, but this is not what is supposed to happen in free, democratic, and open societies. I’m not sure I agree with everything WikiLeaks does nor perhaps its choices […]