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“free market”, “socialism”, and “government interference”…

When people talk about “free markets” and how the government should keep its hands out of the markets they are showing a cultural blindness to the truth that the government is massively intervening, or “interfering” as it might be, in markets on a literal momentary basis.

Metaphorically speaking, when someone is raised in a religion, […]

Tax the bastards

Teeing off my prior post, we need to forget progressive taxation as simply a moral issue (those who can afford the most, pay the most). Progressive taxes, taxes that even get seemingly punitive on the high end, should be viewed as critical to democracy itself.


In the same way that we have “separation of […]

As told to friends…

Here’s a reply I sent to some friends some time back and thought worth putting here. As western civilization seems to continue it’s steady decline, I think it’s topical:

I do not care what system we choose, whether it be capitalism, socialism, communism, libertarianism, plutocracy, democracy, dictatorship, Ryand-i-ism, a mix an match of all, whatever. […]

Markets and “managed economies”…

So, a thought I had about markets vs. managed economies:

There’s a bit of an oxymoron about the idea that a “markets get it right” whereas “managed economies get it wrong”. I’ll leave out the obvious arguments like say China (enormously managed – not that I want to be like them) or the housing bubble […]