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Bad Obama

In 2008 I voted for Obama in the presidential election. In the primaries I actually voted for Hillary, though I was rather ambivalent about it. I liked Obama’s “rhetoric”. I still do. If the man “walked the walk” as it were, I would probably be sufficiently happy with him, but he just “talks the talk” and in some ways that’s worse.

I certainly wasn’t an “Obama-bot”, but I definitely have to admit I fell for it. That is, while I kept telling myself he wasn’t a “change” I actually let myself hope he was a “change”. That was a mistake.

While I still think he’s better than the alternative, or as one my friends would say, “better than a stick up your butt”, he’s a huge disappointment to me. And no, Paul, I don’t think Hillary would be better (I don’t unfortunately, think she would be electable).

I actually meant to do this with G.W., who would have more tasty bits, but this is intended to be a running list of why I’ve turned sour on Obama. My hope out of it is not that he gets “unelected”, but rather he finds a little of that “change” he was supposed to bring us. In the mean time, I will lob pointed but hopefully constructive criticism.

Continues Indefinite Detention

The definitive source on this is Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, however Obama continues to make efforts to keep Guantánamo detainees indefinitely. This is contrary to his pre-election rhetoric and most importantly, immoral and un-American.

Not Filling Vacancies

Per Brad Delong, Obama hasn’t been keeping up with supplying nominees for positions. Yes, there are the ones the Senate hasn’t taken up thanks to Republican games, but there’s actually more un-nominated positions than held up positions.

It’s stuff like this, along with some of the BP oil spill issues which makes you wonder about not only his policies, but his competency.

Looking Forward Not Back

Despite rhetoric against torture, Obama done little or nothing to prosecute any admitted war criminals. Quite the opposite in fact, he has indicated quite clearly he wants to “look forward as opposed to looking backwards“. I guess we can be thankful he wasn’t around at the Nuremberg  Tribunals?

Willingness to Cut Medicare and Social Security

See here.