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The wheels are coming off the bus…

It’s not just on the right, but the left too:

I don’t argue Russia might have tried to influence our election, but if they did the largely seemed to have done so by revealing the truth (yes, perhaps selectively).

My problem is I spent my entire life being red baited for supporting people like Howard Dean. Such guilt by association was what the nasty bastards on the other side did, not our side. We liberals were stereotyped and boxed in as being just those “communists” or those “marxists” (which to note, such labelling has an ugly resonance with racism and sexism – the dehumanization and devaluation by stereotypes).

So here we are again, only it’s my side doing it.

Granted, Russia != socialism or liberalism anymore (if they ever did). Still, Dean is old enough to remember the Cold War and its awful concerns. Do we really want to play with this fire again just to score a few cheap political points?

If Russia mucked with our election (even if I can’t believe we haven’t done the same), well, yuck. However don’t start a new McCarthyism. That’s what they do.


I should also note the Iran bit – seriously, after those of us who were slurred as “Saddam loving” because we were against the Iraq war, you are going to stoop to the same tactics? What became of my side?

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