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The morning after

I too am surprised at a President Trump, however more really because the polls were so heavily biased toward Clinton.

Still, I can’t help feeling that mainstream Democrats just didn’t get it. Hillary, for right or wrong, was really, really, disliked and not just on the right. It didn’t matter if every controversy was bullshit or not – the reality is she was incredibly unpopular to the point of being hated in many circles. She might have been the best qualified, but tactically she was a bad choice – literally the only person who could lose to Donald Trump.

It didn’t help either that not only were Sanders supporters sold out by the DNC, but once Hillary was nominated the Sanders camp was basically shunned. I don’t know how many times I saw on sites I respected where people who didn’t tow the line perfectly being described as a “disgruntled Sanders supporter”, rather than realizing and/or addressing¬†any of their concerns. Alienation is the word really.

That’s not to say it justifies voting Trump or not voting Clinton, but no one should be surprised that it happened.

Now one response I suppose is to hippie-bash all the Sanders supporters who didn’t come through, or another might be to take it to heart and say, “Maybe we need to do something different.”

That is, if we get a chance again.

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