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As told to friends…

Here’s a reply I sent to some friends some time back and thought worth putting here. As western civilization seems to continue it’s steady decline, I think it’s topical:

I do not care what system we choose, whether it be capitalism, socialism, communism, libertarianism, plutocracy, democracy, dictatorship, Ryand-i-ism, a mix an match of all, whatever. I do not even care if it leaves some filthy rich while others are just “satisfied” as long as it at least addresses the following:

  • It is sustainable long term, whether that be political or environmental.
  • It ensures everyone gets food and shelter.
  • It ensures the greatest level of comfort and prosperity for all humans, regardless of divisions.

I would note that “comfort” goes beyond simple material comfort, but also spiritual comfort in the sense of addressing the need for “freedom”, the insults of things like “relative deprivation”, the general need for fairness, and other “human rights” that are often generally accepted.  Health would also be included. That is, the vast majority of people cannot be miserable whether from physical need or spiritual (emotional) need.

Whether any system can provide that (particularly ones that insist on ideological consistency), I do not know. However I do know the current system is failing miserably on all 3 bullets and I do know we have in our very lifetime seen better.

So if Tedd Cruz can pull that shit off,  he can have at it, but from what I can see not only is his viewpoint a total failure, so is that of the so-called opposition.

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