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Barely news…

As the Guardian reports:

A comprehensive study by the American Academy of Pediatrics was published on Saturday. Widely seen as the best measure of the onset of puberty in American boys, it showed that they are showing signs of puberty six months to two years earlier than previously assumed [emphasis added].

The surprise finding builds on previous discoveries that appeared to show girls have also been developing faster. A study in 2010, which was published in the US Journal of Pediatrics, created headlines when it revealed girls were hitting puberty earlier, with some developing breasts at seven. Nor was it just in the US. Other studies have revealed the same trend in girls all over the world.

Why we as a society aren’t absolutely freaked out about this is beyond me.

No, I am not saying it is conclusive evidence of something going seriously awry, but it should give anyone significant pause – what might be happening in our environment that is causing this?

I’m not saying this relates to cancers, but cancers are typically associated with growth factors. One might think that would be another question we would be asking. Again maybe “much ado about nothing”, but it seems like we should have some “ado” until we’re sure about it (rather than just being a “curious” note).

But given our inaction on what is undoubtedly the most pressing concern of our generation, global warming (yet another 60 degree October day today), it’s not very surprising.

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