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Wake up?

For all you Republican commenters to the execrable Niall Ferguson at Newsweek/Daily Beast piece:

When you say things like Obama supporters need to “Wake up” or otherwise get our heads out of the sand and vote for Romney, here’s the thing you miss:

A lot of us are wide awake with our heads out of the sand. A lot of us aren’t really thrilled with Obama, but it’s not a binary situation – just because we might not like Obama doesn’t mean the obvious solution is Romney. They’re not interchangeable (ok, at some level they are because both Democrats and Republicans are currently leading us down the same shitty path, but that’s another problem).

That we view candidates as interchangeable as baseball teams says a lot about the problem – clearly people aren’t assessing actual policy. It’s completely tribal.

So Niall – you’re right Obama does need to go, but for completely opposite reasons than you posit. Reasons that couldn’t possibly get me to vote for Romney. While Obama may suck it’s because he’s dragging the country toward Romney’s worldview, not away from it. And there in a nutshell is why I can’t just pull the lever for “the other guy”.

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