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Radio Silence…

Why the “radio silence”? Partly because I’ve been enormously busy in my personal and professional life, and partly I admit some disillusionment with the benefit of political discussion. The later being that I wonder in the current insane rightward tilt of the political environment that trying to inject reality has any true benefits at all. It seriously seems like no one wants to listen to each other (and to some extent that goes both ways, but given that the dial is far to the right, mostly it’s the conservatives that I’m talking about)…

It’s just too depressing.

2 comments to Radio Silence…

  • Marc Heller

    Dear Carl –

    I just discovered your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. I follow the discussion on Simon Johnson’s blog, and I was particularly impressed by your description of Jamie Dimon; how we make guys like him into idols, but they’re hardly different from mere mortals like you and I. Some of the comments by economists on that site are a bit too dense for my average IQ. But then I will come across a pearl like your comment today, which makes perusing Johnson’s site well worth the time and effort. I am a big fan of Chomsky’s and Chris Hedges as well.

    I also read Glenn Greenwald daily. Keep up the good work! Perhaps, if you don’t mind, in the future I will share some of my ideas with you. Regards.


    Marc Heller

  • Thanks – very kind of you Marc. Yeah, Some of Johnson’s and Kwak’s site can leave you scratching your head, but there’s definitely a lot to be learned (and I have much to go). Even if they aren’t always perfect I also suggest Krugman and Delong’s blogs – I’ve learned a ton from them.

    Chomsky is awesome. Greenwald though sometimes a little shrill, is doing amazing stuff. I’ll have to check out Hedges – hadn’t heard of him before and I’m always looking for more sources. Thanks for the tip!

    Well I appreciate you dropping by and the supportive comments. Please do feel free to share your ideas and thoughts – that’s what it’s here for!

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