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From my iGoogle feed:

It’s true that Ron Paul technically doesn’t “represent the mainstream” (though sadly he represents a large number of Republicans), but I don’t like this technique – to marginalize someone by essentially saying they aren’t “one of us”.

It’s used all the time to marginalize the left – to claim their views are “fringe” and “radical”. It raises the worst mob mentality – the xenophobic “popular kids” technique of degrading “outsiders”.

Most particularly though it completely avoids any true policy argument – the arguments are dismissed with the person (Paul in this case). While I strongly disagree with Paul on many points, one thing I can say for him is he has points to argue – he is able to actually discuss real policy.

I think it does us a disservice that we can’t talk about the issues, even if I would find many of Paul’s points entirely disagreeable. It represents another example of dumbing down politics.

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