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Fuck you Leon Panetta…

Via Glenn Greenwald (quoting I believe this DoD article):

“As difficult as [the Iraq war] was … I think the price has been worth it, to establish a stable government in a very important region of the world”

– Leon Panetta

With “friends” like these, who needs enemies.

Seriously, what a wanker. None of his kids were maimed or killed in this thing, so what does he care? Just once I’d like to see someone in this level say, “It wasn’t worth it,” because they always seem to be “worth it” – how else can we justify the endless war machine that profits them so much.

Anyway, read Glenn’s article, he lays out well why saying such is complete claptrap (and, in my opinion, why the Obama administration should be ashamed of itself for letting this be voiced).


By the way – this is no reflection on the troops. I’m very sorry that they served in a counter-productive war. They didn’t deserve to. Saying the war was stupid and pointless does not diminish their sacrifice that was made in the name of loyalty, patriotism, and protecting the country. What it diminishes is the assholes, and I do mean assholes, who squandered their lives, health, and in some cases futures on what can only be termed a “war of choice”.

That many were killed and many more wounded (not even counting the hundreds of thousands of innocents on the other side), is crime against humanity perpetrated against them. Those who started and continued this thing, should pay here, not the poor men and women in the trenches who, as Glenn points out who, “gave so much, for so little”.

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