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If you don’t want to be treated like…

If you don’t want to be treated like “jack-booted thugs”, don’t be “jack-booted thugs”.

Just sayin’.


Maybe this guy is a nice guy and this is just a bad shot, from the Wiki-Commons site it says he’s Canadian. All Canadians are nice right (actually I find them to be but…)?

The point is, there are a lot of police officers who like to dress up like soldiers (and “dress up” is the proper term – I think it is essentially the same as “playing war” as a kid).

Unfortunately I think this is counter productive as the “in your face” testosterone/steroid high they display engenders anything but respect. As a male I can tell you it does one thing and one thing exactly – gets my back up.

If you want my respect, wear normal shoes, don’t tuck the pants in them, drop the military gear, and by all means drop the fucking Ray-Bans (or Okies or wrap-arounds or whatever). Be a normal human being rather than acting like an ape with your chest out. Oh, and positively skip the “steroid” look.

Seriously, I remember when police officers seemed like normal people with a badge. We need to bring that back.

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