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I will note in the post below I used the term “convert”, which is a loaded word especially when talking about Islam.

To be clear, while I have no great love of any religion, I steadfastly believe in the right of all to worship any faith or for that matter, not worship at all (ie: be atheist). I don’t believe that anyone should be “converted” – Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., etc. are all valid choices.

Personally I find them all a bit silly, in the same way we find the trials and tribulations of Greek and Roman gods silly today. However, they also bring great beauty in terms of spiritualism, moral ideas, etc.

All that said, I have a disdain for Fundamentalism, regardless of underlying religion, particularly where such Fundamentalism requires the conversion or killing others, or encourages killing period.

So, while I am no fan of Islam, I am also no enemy. The same could be said of any religion. When I talked of “conversion” in my last post, I was talking about a conversion of secular views, not religious ones. That is, to make your supposed enemy see your side of things (and hopefully in the process vice-versa if we have any wisdom).

However “conversion” of the realm of the spiritual, I’ll leave to others of a different calling.

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