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“innovators” and “entrepreneurs”…

Just a little venting here as I’m getting tired of this latest “fashion” in politics:

Personally I’d like to “dope slap” anyone who uses the terms “innovator” or “entrepreneur” in normal conversation. It’s all code for, “I’m selfish, but great, and you’re a lazy worthless asshole”.

Problem is, they need all of us “lazy worthless assholes” to slave over building the their “innovations” and making their “entrepreneurial” endeavors work.

I think we should move all the “innovators” and “entrepreneurs” to their own island and see how fast they starve to death.

PS: “job creator” also should go in the same bin as “innovators” and “entrepreneurs”.

PPS: Obviously in truth I have no problem with people actually “innovating” or being an “entrepreneur” or “job creator”. I just do believe that it really is fashionable terminology for saying “I’m not lazy scum like them”. Or, to put it another way, “I’m Galt and you’re not!”


I think it’s curious the Tea Party members, most of which fall under the same category of “lazy worthless asshole” as the rest of us, don’t get that when people use the term “innovator” and “entrepreneur” mean them too. I think they believe their unique quality of character (hence of course why they are “Tea Party” members), will unsure they grow up to be Daddy Warbucks too.

The last point highlights something eventually I want to write about – which is the American gambling addiction – we literally would rather set up a society where we have a 1 in 1 million chance of striking it rich, most of which never do and instead lead a life of struggle, in favor of a 1 in 10 million chance of striking it rich, where most of us actually have some guarantee of comfort.



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