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Why I blame Obama…

From a reply I left to a commenter to a Yglesias post:

The reason emphasis is put on the President and the Democratic congress, is because they are the ones with the “bully pulpit” (particularly the former). It is unlikely that we can change the minds of the average GOP or the Tea Party member in short order (anymore than one can convince another to change religion). However the repetition of the truth can over time influence the direction – it can plant the seeds of change. No one has the power to do that more than the President.

However the President isn’t planting those seeds. Quite the opposite – he’s espousing their exact same GOP narrative, right down to the need to cut entitlement programs at the exact worst time.

I’m not arguing in the end that the GOP and their proxies aren’t the problem, but if we can’t expect the guys “on our side” to pass our message, then what real hope is there? It’s not like we can elevate someone else to do the job.

Until Obama gets up there and says, “The deficit isn’t the problem – demand is the problem, we need stimulus,” then I’m going to blame the President. Not only was he elected on our dime, but Democrat or Republican, the President’s job is to frame the correct policy for the country. Obama is not doing that.

I would note that there is one other alternative – grass roots activism. Something I actually fear many of us think (including myself) that blogging is a substitute for.

Incidentally, that brings up a metaphor for “astroturf” (ie: organizations that claim to be “grass roots” but are really corporate funded):

“all grass, but no roots”

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