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Dear Rich People…

Yeah, you, the rich people – I’m talking to you:

Look, I don’t have a problem that you’re rich. Hey, we all want to be rich. How could you not want to be rich in such a shit ass “dog eat dog” world?

And hey, who doesn’t want toys, and houses, and nice clothes, and great vacations? Wanting that shit is as American as apple pie.

But while you’re at, could you throw the rest of us a bone? Granted I don’t think any of you deserves say, $40 million a year, but I’m fine with it as long as most of us can pay our bills, have health insurance, have a roof over our heads, can feed our kids, and maybe, just maybe, can take a vacation once in awhile.

You can have your 5 villa in the Alps, I don’t care. Just leave me and the rest of us a little job security and some reasonable benefits to go with it.

And to be honest, and even Henry Ford who was a little fascist got this, if you pay us, we pay you. You do better. The whole system does better – it stabilizes. You’re not worried if all your investments are going to go to pot because demand went away and your money went into the shitter.

Look, you can even feel that Galtian vibe of superiority – we’ll live with it. Just let us keep unemployment at 5%, treat us like humans, and all is well.

The alternative of course is to keep bending us over, and while it makes a nice little experiment to see if we’ll eventually teabag ourselves (no offense), at some point we’re going to say “fuck you”, in which case we’re not going to just be asking for food on the table, we’re going to want your whole damn table. And your houses, your cars, your yachts. And, heh, heh, heh – your daughters.

That’s the way it works – been that way for thousands of years. Suck up to the masses just enough and you get what you want and we get what we want. Push it too far, and the masses eat you alive.

Your choice. Still time to turn around.

PS: Seriously – while I personally am not likely to be coming with a pitchfork (I can’t complain in comparison), I honestly believe at some point others will if you don’t learn to share just a little bit. This “let them eat cake” bit is getting old and time is running out. The Tea Party is just the first iteration of this. The next one will look even less pretty.

I sure don’t want to see that, and believe me you don’t want to see that.

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