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It’s pretty exceptional for me to go, “Wow” these days, but this one via Mike the Mad Biologist, via Atrios, from Ezra Kline I need to preserve so it doesn’t go down the memory hole:

“We had a hard time spending $800 billion quickly, and with that much stimulus, the issue of diminishing returns could be important,” said Romer. “I don’t believe we could have efficiently and effectively put that large a stimulus to good use with requisite accountability,” Bernstein said. “It would not have been possible to move vastly more money into quick trigger infrastructure projects,” Summers said.

Granted when you read Ezra’s full post there’s more nuance, but I gotta say that is the biggest load of claptrap I’ve heard in a long time.

Ezra, get out of Washington, get out now before you become absorbed by “The Village”!

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