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Boehner blinked?

I have to admit, this sounds a bit like the Republicans might have “blinked”:

“Despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the White House will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes. I believe the best approach may be to focus on producing a smaller measure, based on the cuts identified in the Biden-led negotiations, that still meets our call for spending reforms and cuts greater than the amount of any debt limit increase.”

– House Speaker John Boehner

I actually believed that it was likely they walked away from the talks because they thought they had the upper hand given the dismal jobs report, but maybe not…


Maybe not (ugh…).


If the Washington Post is correct, then basically this will be down to the wire and no one, including the law makers, will be able to really look this bill over before it gets passed. I suspect this is more of a “feature” than a “bug”. Time to get out the K-Y.


Nope, it’s definitely the Democrats that blinked. What a bunch of schmucks.

I know it’s the looney Republicans, but when you’re being beaten by a criminal (the Republicans) and the cop (Obama and the Democrats) just stands there watching (frankly offers to help), then the blame goes around a little further, thank you.

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