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I will admit I got snookered by Edwards – he certainly talked a better game than his opponents, supporting among other things, a true single payer system. Granted I had no illusions that he wasn’t ultimately a slimy politician, but clearly I didn’t catch just how slimy (ie: compromised) he was.

Mea culpas aside, I find this quote regarding his recent indictment in some ways more frightening than the indictment itself (after all, I did know he was a politician and the fact that he was a corrupt politician, practically a redundant statement, is hardly earth shattering):

Mellon — who had already contributed $2,300, the maximum allowable under federal law to Edwards presidential campaign — made payments between June 7, 2007 and Jan. 23, 2008 that totaled $725,000 in ways that the indictment alleges were designed to hide their true purpose.

Mellon wrote personal checks to a friend, falsely stating they were intended to buy items of furniture, according to the indictment. These checks were then forwarded to Young’s wife, who endorsed them in her maiden name and deposited them into the Youngs’ bank account so they could be used for Hunter’s rent, furniture, car living expenses and prenatal care, the indictment states.

So we’re talking roughly 6 months worth of “living expenses” totaling $725 thousand dollars.

Wow. $725 thousand dollars for 6 months living expenses. I can’t even comprehend. That’s one expensive “love shack”.

These people truly live in a different world. If even one of the theoretically “most progressive” candidates on the ticket lives a life where simple sugar-daddy payments require $725 thousand dollars in shell out, how the fuck do we have any hope these bastards represent any of us?

Really, we should just give it the fuck up.

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