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How is it different?

Via Robert Reich, how is it different for Maine Governor Paul LePage to remove murals of commemorating the state’s labor movement because (according to his spokesman) they were:

“not in keeping with the department’s pro-business goals.”

and (from WikiPedia):

Isn’t this a sort of censorship for “insufficient ideological purity”?

Seriously – while the likes of LePage probably consider those who are “pro-labor” as being similar to “communists”, isn’t what he and his ilk doing similar to the “purges” committed by the very same sorts they claim to be protecting us against?

Certainly I’m making LePage into a bit of a strawman here – I don’t know if he’s ever played the “communist” or “Marxist” canard. Still, one sees this more and more – ideological purges of all things pro-labor (as well seen in Wisconsin).

Am I the only one who sees parallelisms to Stalinism of days yore?


Vomit – from Salon:

So what we have here is a literal, no holds barred, all out war against labor going on. While it’s clearly ideological, it also seems to be an enormous power grab – kill the unions and their money in order to kill the left. It’s hard not to believe it’s not calculated, if also not coordinated (definitely sounds “Bush’s Brain“-esque).

It is really a vile time to be in this country.

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