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Not over…

Regarding the financial crisis – Anne Héritier Lachat, president of the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority, via

“No, it is not over. And it’s difficult to say it in Switzerland where the general situation is better than elsewhere. But there is still the problem of the debts of neighbouring states, the problem of risks accumulated somewhere in the system that no one can really keep control of. And then all the risk connected to the movement in interest rates, whether they keep going down or start rising [with the risk of destabilising the whole financial system]. No, the crisis is not over.”

Say no more.

While I agree with your/Greg’s estimation of Mitt Romney’s “policies”, I think there’s an assumption here that he represents a “legitimate actor”, which I think is flawed. Like Gingrich he’s a complete political animal who doesn’t honestly believe anything he says (or if he does, is so sociopathic that it doesn’t matter – he’ll change to fit the new political landscape tomorrow).

In that sense to invest any effort in challenging what he says is a waste – he’s not a human in the typical sense that can be reasoned with. He’s not playing the same “game” as the rest of us (or rather, it *is* a game to him – whereas the rest of us actually care and have investment in the truth). Fighting with these guys is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Similarly I think Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, etc. are similarly “false actors”, though in a more pernicious way. They don’t really care about the meat of their rhetoric – they live for the rhetoric itself. The live to argue, to create controversy, to piss people off (and to gain power and money in the process). That it’s conservative or Republican principles that they espouse is not important other than it provides a medium from which to exercise their perverse power games.

Finally, going back to the Romney/Gingrich variety – I think Obama is unfortunately a similar actor. Clearly despite his rhetoric, he doesn’t actually care about the policies. If he did he wouldn’t have caved so easily (and preemptively). He also wouldn’t have, well, lied so much.

No, he too is a sociopathic actor playing a “game” which the rest of our lives depend on. Granted not on the same end of the spectrum as the others, or to the same level, but still sadly there.A

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