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Salman Taseer quote…

“Frankly, it’s up to God to decide whether I’m a Muslim or not”

– Salman Taseer, June 12th, 1946 – January 4th, 2011

Or Christian, or Jewish, or “faithful”, or whatever…

While I agree with him in a number of areas, I must say I don’t (didn’t?) agree with his take on treatment of terrorists (from this NPR interview):

“That they get known if they’re caught. They’re – either they’re in jail in a hole in the ground. When I was arrested by General Zia-ul-Haq, I was chained to the ground for three months – on the ground. These people should be treated in the same way. They’re murderers. I was a political prisoner. I mean, what are you doing? Why are you mollycoddling them? Somewhere, the buck stops, you know?”

Inhumane treatment is just wrong – it doesn’t matter the crime. Moreover what judicial system is ever perfect? Is worth the chance that one innocent should be treated as such just to feel like sufficient “revenge” is meted out to a few criminals?

To quote a the movie “Witness“:

Eli Lapp: This gun of the hand is for the taking of human life. We believe it is wrong to take a life. That is only for God. Many times wars have come and people have said to us: you must fight, you must kill, it is the only way to preserve the good. But Samuel, there’s never only one way. Remember that. Would you kill another man?
Samuel Lapp: I would only kill the bad man.
Eli Lapp: Only the bad man. I see. And you know these bad men by sight? You are able to look into their hearts and see this badness?
Samuel Lapp: I can see what they do. I have seen it.
Eli Lapp: And having seen you become one of them? Don’t you understand? What you take into your hands, you take into your heart. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing. Go and finish your chores now.
Samuel Lapp: Yes Grossvater.

This holds even for terrorists, but particularly suspected ones.

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