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Repealing DADT

Well, I will give Obama and the credit for pushing forward the bill to repeal DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell):

I don’t know if it has any “poison pills” in it, other than I would be surprised if the 2 year tax extension wasn’t part of the compromise.

Was this worth 900 billion in extra mostly non-stimulative deficit? Hard to say. Also hard to believe it couldn’t have been taken up earlier, when the Democrat’s hands were less tied.

In any case, it is a good thing and I’ll give him credit here.


One sad thought about this is it’s a step forward toward peeling off the Gay vote from Democrats. I have no doubt that as equality is achieved, which it should be, that we will see gays increasingly become conservatives and  it will not only no longer be a Democrat vs. Republican issue. Also when gays are no longer “the downtrodden” it will be harder for them to have sympathy for other “downtrodden” (like the poor). Sadly that is how life works – freed from the unfairness of life, the oppressed join the oppressors.

Which brings a thought I’ve had for some time – I think much of where we find ourselves now is the result of the generation that suffered the depression slowly passing away. Without memory of what it feels like to suffer, the empathy dissolves with it. Having had so many years of economic good times we have no cultural memory of what it is to suffer and the resulting empathy for others who suffer similarly.

To me if there was any message Jesus was trying to get across this was it – to feel for those in need. In some sad way we’ve had it so good that we’ve been too coddled to care or perhaps even be aware of the less fortunate suffering beside us. There’s nothing like a good dose of national unemployment to remind people that maybe the 1% they save in taxes isn’t worth removing the common safety net. Unfortunately, though it would be hard to wish for the alternative, 10% clearly isn’t enough to do the trick. I’m afraid it’ll take another depression of sorts.

Of course I needn’t worry too much – with how remiss Obama and the congress were in response to the banking crisis, “Depression V2” is probably only a matter of time.

Update 2:

I do think that this is a great thing, but I can’t help having the feeling that this is part of the devil’s deal on tax cut extensions. Moreover, coming so quickly after its passage, I am also loath to not see it as being staged in such a way to help white-wash away the ugliness of the deal that proceeded it.

But I don’t want to rain on a step forward – this is an important day.

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