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Mr. President, please switch parties…

I think Mike the Mad Biologist has it right. Obama is in fact a moderate Republican as is rendered clearly by his recent complete rolling over on tax cuts. Or more correctly as Mike would , not a rollover at all, but in fact a reflection of his actual political positions.

Mike’s answer is to view the White House as a member of the political opposition. I think that is a good one in the short term, however in the long term I have a better idea:

Get Obama to switch tickets!

It’s the perfect solution:

  • It gets him where he should be – with the Republicans.
  • It frees the Democratic ticket in 2012 for an actual Democrat.
  • It ensures the Republican candidate (Obama) loses, rather than the Democratic candidate (Obama) losing.

Win/win all around.

Now all we need is a good slogan (one that ideally makes a cool sounding acronym) for our new coalition to have Obama change parties. CREEP is already taken so…

Hmmm… Have to think about that.

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