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It can happen here, WikiLeaks addition…

Reading another one of Glenn Greenwald’s excellent posts made me realize another unexpected revelation from the recent WikiLeaks dump:


Think about it – how many hundreds if not thousands of people working for the government must have been privy to the information in these cables and yet, they never talked, never raised alarm, never did anything that would indicate that they were anything more than the most reliable keepers of secrets.

I think that pretty clearly decimates the idea that vast conspiracies cannot exist. Obviously, as also seen in Nazi Germany, there are social contexts that keep people safely within the “party lines” even in the most egregious circumstances.

That’s not to say that this means there are active conspiracies, but it does show just how easy it is to get people to march in lockstep, even if it’s something entirely immoral.

The argument that such conspiracies are too implausible in this great “open” democracy are sorely crushed.

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