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Al-Qaeda the new KAOS?

Is it me or is it weird that a handful of guys in caves can somehow find their way to literally infiltrate everything:

KAOS, SMERSH, SPECTRE eat your hearts out…

I guess we need to update this quote:

“I can no longer sit back and allow Communist Al-Qaeda infiltration, Communist Al-Qaeda indoctrination, Communist Al-Qaeda subversion and the international Communist Al-Qaeda conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.”

I suspect that the next time Microsoft makes a dud product it can probably be blamed on Al-Qaeda (or maybe liberals).

I mean, instead of fighting Al-Qaeda we ought to hire these guys. We’d clearly get a lot more out of the $633 billion we’re spending this year…


As a matter of clarification, I do believe Al-Qaeda is a bunch of really bad dudes potentially with considerable influence, however my guess is there are a lot of other nasties out there contributing all by their lonesome. The habit of conflating all things terrorist with Al-Qaeda is probably not only not constructive, but in some ways (I believe) makes transparent the calculated propaganda intended to keep us afraid, very afraid. Reality is rarely so convenient as to allow a single nameable enemy such as Al-Qaeda, but in fiction it is a convenient plot simplification. My point being that given its convenience, it (Al-Qaeda)  is just that – a fictional plot simplification, even if there is still plenty to be concerned of (no I don’t mean it doesn’t exist, just that it isn’t all it’s made out to be).


“with links to Al-Qaeda” is also a common refrain that is often misleadingly used. Pretty much anyone Muslim probably can be linked to Al-Qaeda with effort I imagine, but it means nothing. We could similarly probably link any current American paramilitary group to the Hutarees either through religion, conventions, blogs, military gear suppliers, or whatever. Again it doesn’t mean anything. I’m liberal and I’m sure I have links to all sorts of liberals with abhorrent views simply because we have common cause on some views or contribute to the same organizations, even if in the end I would never sign on to their twisted causes. It really is the ” Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon‘”.

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