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The “new revolution”…

More and more on the left and the right (but particularly the later, specifically Libertarians) one hears the idea that the economic end is nigh – soon it’ll be time to break out the guns, ammo, and survival skills. It has gone from mildly paranoid to explicitly wishful.

Here’s my responses for this wistful desire:

  1. Yes, the country is being run horribly.
  2. No, your solutions are not the answer.
  3. I have not met anyone¬† proposing to lead the “new revolution” that I would want to lead the “new revolution”.
  4. I care too much about people to wish this upon anyone, most specifically my family and friends.

Basically, what we have sucks, but the half-assed plans of a bunch of crazy Libertarians doesn’t sound much better. Ultimately I feel the same way about wanna-be revolutionaries as the fundamentalist Bible thumpers:

“I’ve never met anyone who was sure they were going to HeavenTM, that I would actually want to be in HeavenTM with.”

– Me

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