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Yahoo! News Insanity…

It’s always “interesting” (sarcasm intended) to read the comments to Yahoo! News posts. It always gives a good vision into the insanity that we call the American public.

For the fun of it I thought I’d respond to some of the quotes found in this article about the BP oil spillTM:

Obama plans to take the stage this evening and take credit for what BP is already doing … This spill is not the dire emergency that the government propagandist are making it out to be.

Uh, so I assume the White House sent you an advanced copy of their speech thus you know what he’s going to say? Also, maybe you could tell me what advantage of making this look more “dire” give Obama other than killing his approval ratings.

[something-incoherent-here] … if not for all the environmentalists with their social senses on high alert preventing us from being self sufficient on oil with their constant lawsuits instead of making terrorist sponsors wealthy. They want to save the bat-winged, rabbit-tailed mosquito!

Yeah, and little things like the entire ecosystem of the gulf. Damn those environmentalists are so stuuuuuupid!

time for comrade obama to blame bush again and raise taxes again

How original! And so accurate given that Obama lowered taxes…

Revelation 16:4, and an angel will touch the oceans and it will become like blood and every living creature in the ocean will die.

It came from the “East” too (BRITISH Petroleum)! It must be true! I knew it – Tony Hayward is the Anti-Christ!

Even he even mentions cap & trade, he should be arrested for treason for selling this great country out to foriegners

Uh, yeah – I see the correlation. Er, not.

BTW – with all the shit on our beaches, we aren’t looking so “great” anymore.

Yes..a new estimate just in time for Obama’s speech. Yeah right.@#$%. Get ready for yet another crisis not going to waste . More taxes,more government control and take overs.

And it weren’t for those meddlin’ kids he would have gotten away with it too!

Anyway – you”re so right – clearly deregulation is the answer – look what it did for Louisiana!

God show us what to do with this element…should we FREEZE it? Should we add something to it to solidify it?

That’s it – God wants us to enjoy tasty Oil-cicles!

New, higher estimates announced just in time for Obama’s propaganda speech tonight during which he will push his cap and trade/carbon tax scheme to bankrupt what’s left of Americal.

Yes, well obviously the answer is more of the same! It’s working so well!

They’re willing to let the Gulf become a “dead zone” in order to pass their “Cap and Trade”.

Can I borrow your tin foil hat for a minute?

obama is an ignorant jerk and a disgrace to America.

Sticks and stones…

more obama lies–this happened on your watch comrade president oil-bama–show some leadership professor and quit going on vacation already

Yeah, a Republican president would never take vacation!

This is why I don’t trust Obama and the Democrats. They are all talk and no action. This would have been cleaned up by now if Palin was President.

How? By clogging it with her beaudatious hairdo?

I could just go on forever with this fun!

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