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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…

Sometimes truth truly is stranger than fiction. That is, you hit a document, web site, video, audio recording, opinion, whatever where you just can’t believe what you’re reading. Did they really say that? Did they really admit to that? Are they really willing to show so much of the sausage making?

You’d think a web site like this:

wouldn’t be so transparently militant, so openly reveling in killing and trappings of oppression and that someone, someone at all, would have said, “Don’t post that – are you crazy?”

But no, this is a real site. This is a real offer – and it’s even being advertised on other sites (in this case “Commentary Magazine“). The only thing I can guess is that the authors are so lost in their own love of this distasteful stuff that they just don’t see the issue. That is sad.

Look, I don’t belittle the right to the existence of Israel. I don’t argue that they’re in a tough and nasty spot. I don’t argue that at times they may have to defend themselves and some of that defense is perhaps necessarily distasteful – that’s the reality of war as it were. However, reveling in it and advertising it as if it were some sort of carnival ride, well that’s kind of sick.

I’m not suggesting dishonesty – the hiding of the truth of war. What I’m suggesting instead is that war is like taking a dump – something unfortunately at times can be necessary, but not something you want to pull out and share proudly like pictures of your kids.

Really, if I was an Israeli I would be ashamed of this site. I’d think that it gives the impression that Israelis revel in the killing and oppression going on. That Israelis are blood thirsty killers and proud of it.

Now while I may disagree with Israeli tactics and believe that different ones might yield a better chance of peace (not to mention better lives for both Israelis and Palestinians), somehow I don’t think that the vast majority of Israelis are actually bloodthirsty, nor do they want the rest of the world to think of them that way.

If so, this site isn’t helping.

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