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Profoundly sad…

I sent a note to a co-worker/friend about the fact that hackers were using Facebook to infiltrate financial companies:

He had a great reply, and frankly a sad one when you think about it:

I wish they would work on world hunger – the problem would be solved simply and cleverly in about a weeks time.

It is so entirely true – the amount of effort that goes into something like scamming people is just astounding. If we just put 1/10th that brainpower, not to mention effort, into solving things like world hunger and war, it’s be a done deal in no time.

Ok, in theory – yeah, I know it’s more complicated than that.

Still, the fact that people starve in this day and age is just plain stupid. The food exists, the money exists, the infrastructure to get where it needs to go exists. All that is missing is the will.

Or perhaps it isn’t the case of the lack of anything, but rather the “overabundance” of something else:


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