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I don’t get it…

Yada, yada - whatever...

Yada, yada - whatever...

I’ve seen this on a bumper sticker and now a t-shirt (see image to right):

I point it out, not because it’s particularly egregious in what it says, but because it encapsulates well those that are against Obama.

You see, it’s like a caricature of what you’d think a liberal would be, but Obama isn’t. That is, since elected at least:

  • Obama hasn’t done anything about gun control, nor threatened to.
  • Obama hasn’t increased taxes (ok, there are mild threats for his healthcare package he might tax the richest, but they’re unlikely to wear this damn t-shirt anyway).
  • He certainly hasn’t touched their “freedom” – in fact he’s in lockstep with Bush (in a bad way, but certainly no worse).

This is the sad thing, and it was true of Clinton too – Obama is anything but what I would call a “real” liberal. I mean compare him to say Lyndon Johnson and he’s a closet Tea Bagger. Hell when I was growing up people who talked about making the country fully socialist were actually taken seriously.

Again it’s a weird reaction to a caricature of what a liberal would be. You’d think he was Noam Chomsky or something (I wish).

Anyway, I think it characterizes the delusional quality of the hard right these days. They live in some strange paranoid fantasy world where black is white and Obama is liberal.

PS: I’m not saying he doesn’t suck, I’m just saying he doesn’t suck for the reasons conservatives think he sucks.

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