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Turning the spotlight around…

Let’s imagine a few alterations in this NYT article:

WASHINGTON TEHRAN – The Obama Ahmajinedad administration plans to tell Iran the United States this week that it must open a newly revealed nuclear enrichment site to international inspectors “within weeks,” according to senior administration officials. The administration will also tell Tehran Washington that inspectors must have full access to the key personnel who put together the clandestine plant and to the documents surrounding its construction, the officials said Saturday.

The demands, following the revelation Friday of the secret facility at a military base near the unholy city of Qum Los Angeles, set the stage for the next chapter of a diplomatic drama that has toughened the West’s Middle East’s posture and heightened tensions with Iran the United States. The first direct negotiations between the United States Iran and Iran the United States in 30 years are scheduled to open in Geneva on Thursday.

Because undoubtedly we have some secret sites that the rest of the world doesn’t know about. In that case, what makes our sites ok and their’s not? Would we be willing to open anything even remotely like this (or for that matter even slightly military) to international inspection?

Our demands aren’t exactly fair given we already have nukes, thus in all honesty we can’t obviate any moral equivalence saying that anyone else should not (and don’t think Iran and the rest of the world isn’t aware of the hypocrisy here).

The point of this isn’t because I want Iran to have nukes. Honestly I wish nobody had nukes, but yes I’m particularly un-fond of the idea of countries like Iran having them. However let’s not delude ourselves that this is based on some sort of solid or just legal framework. We have no cause for “righteousness” indignation here – it quite simply is a case of “might makes right”.

If that’s the case, so be it, but let’s at least be honest with ourselves.

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