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Am I not important or what!?

I got this in my email:

To: “Blah Blah” <>
Subject: Tim Geithner, George Soros, Sheila Bair, & Larry Summers – Oct 15/16th
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 09:23:34 -0400
From: “Argyle Executive Forum” <>

Argyle Executive Forum is pleased to partner with The Economist on The
Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering occurring in Manhattan on October 15th
and October 16th.

Speakers for the event include but are not limited to:

• Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, United States Department of the

• Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute, Quetelet Professor of
Sustainable Development, and Professor of Health Policy and Management,
Columbia University

• Roger Altman, Chairman and CEO, Evercore Partners

• Sheila C. Bair, Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

• Myron S. Scholes, Chairman, Platinum Grove Asset Management

• George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management

• Lawrence H. Summers, Director of the National Economic Council, The
White House

• Wilbur L. Ross Jr., Chairman and CEO, WL Ross & Co.

• Robert J. Shiller, Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economics, Yale

Members of the Argyle Executive Forum are eligible for a generous discount
should they wish to attend the event. Regular price for the conference is
$3,495. Pricing for members of the Argyle Executive Forum community is

Argyle Executive Forum only has a limited number of these discounted
tickets available. To obtain the Argyle code and register for the event
please contact Mina Chan at or (646)

To read more about The Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering, please visit the
event website:

Sincerely yours,

Argyle Executive Forum
215 West 40th Street
NY, NY 10018

*Argyle Executive Forum’s events are by invitation only and seating is
limited. Advance registration is required as onsite registration is not
permitted. Argyle Executive Forum reserves the right to review and
approve all attendees.

Probably a pretty sad statement on the world of economics if they invited me I tell you! 😉

1 comment to Am I not important or what!?

  • Anil 1314

    I saw they just added Diane Garnick to the list of speakers at Buttonwood too. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet these kind of people.

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