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Bad Massachusetts, bad…

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

So today Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick named fellow Democrat Paul Kirk to serve out the remainder of Edward Kennedy’s term. The unseamly factor in this that hasn’t been well publicized, which Republicans have good reason to be angry at, is the Democratically controlled MA legislature removed the option from then Gov. Mitt Romney to appoint a replacement for Sen. Kennedy as they feared he would die during Romney’s term and thus Romney could appoint a Republican to his seat.

However, now that Romney is safely out of office and a Democrat holds his place, they have restored the power of the Governer to seat a replacement Senator.

I don’t give a damn about the tactical advantages of this solution. The fact is it’s just plain wrong. This is dirty politics and much as I’m glad to see another Democratic Senator holding Sen. Kennedy’s seat, it represents a form of immoral corruption.

Honestly, I also think it is very short term thinking. This sort of shenanigans only, quite fairly I might add, energizes the right. The dark years of the Bush administration were paved with just these sorts of slights during the 60’s and the 70’s. It also reflects badly on all of us who claim to be of the left by invalidating any claims to higher moral ground. If the Democratically controlled Federal Senate were to want to show some moral backbone, they would refuse to seat Mr. Kirk.

Also as alluded to, this little slight of hand has received very little press in the major news outlets. This too helps firm the Republican view (wrong I believe) that the media is under liberal control.

Personally I think this actually isn’t such an example regardless, but rather just one of the poor quality of journalism in general added to their avoidance of anything controversial and/or of substance. Nonetheless, it does not help.

So, to all you pissed Republicans – have at it . Bitch with impunity. This time it’s definitely well deserved.

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