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So much for change in diplomacy…

As a progressive I really want to see a “change in diplomacy” and I’ve thought the Obama administration’s efforts to try to treat even our so called “enemies” with respect was a good start, however:

How are you going to do it when they aren’t acting like adults?

Having a friend, now unfortunately gone, who helped free these camps (on top of all the other evidence), I can uncategorically say that it happened folks.

It takes a real ass to say otherwise I’m afraid.

You have to wonder, and I wouldn’t be surprised, if Ahmajinedad is trying to sabotage any possible relationship with the US in the hope that it will help galvanize his “constituents” by having the big bad west to keep hating. Saying intensely stupid things about the Holocaust is unfortunately a good start.

I mean hating Israel is one thing, but denying the Holocaust is pretty much beyond the pale (and perhaps that’s its point).


The sad thing is I don’t believe Ahmajinedad is stupid or even for that matter believes the rhetoric he’s saying. I’ve listened to him and he’s clearly quite smart, savvy, and even charismatic. Frankly if he wanted to, I believe he could be a powerful force for good. By that, to note, I don’t mean the Western Christian-centric idea of good – it could be the Muslim version, whatever. The point is, a positive force, not a negative one which appears to be as of current.

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