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“Order of The Shrill”?

Hmmm… I’m wondering. I thought Brad Delong always called it  just “ShrillBlog” and then sometime after I posted a comment here about how Greenwald should be inducted in the “Order of The Shrill”, this and this appeared with “Order of The Shrill” in them.

So, was it my idea? I should be so lucky – probably either “groupthink” or I read the title (a good one if I do say so myself) and didn’t realize. That and I probably have the timeline wrong.

Ah, one could only wish their comment actually reached the eyes of the Great “Brad Delong” and made an impression on him!


Ah, at best it’s parallel thinking and at worst, unintentional plagiarism on my part. This post from Delong from October 2008 references “Order of The Shrill”. Alas, I am not the creator but only a lowly copy cat of old (but excellent) ideas. 🙁


In many way this highlights the narcissism of blogging (whether directly or in comments) – it really is an attention getting exercise. Clearly I suffer from the same narcisto-blog-ic tendencies (ie: Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!).

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