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You should care about “enemy combatant” status – v2

Continuing fiction of why this decision matters…

In November of 2008 with continuing economic woes, Barack Obama wins the presidential election by a wide margin. Democrats also sweep both halls of Congress, further solidifying their control.

In March of 2010 with continuing economic malaise the Democrats declare the necessity of even more radical policy changes, and implement major changes to the tax structure including the reinstatement of the death tax going down to incomes well below previous values. Also around the same time they propose and begin implementation of a constitutional amendment to allow “Gay Marriage”. These actions greatly anger both the fiscal conservatives and the social conservatives. All signs are that President Obama is far more liberal than even his supporters expected.

In November of 2010 with the economy finally showing signs of recovery, Democrats take yet more control of Congress. With control seemingly inexorably in their hands, they begin a series of even more radical liberal changes. Universal Healthcare and subsequent required increases in taxes are driven through with little regard to opposition opinion. Legislation is discussed to ban the teaching creationism in schools.

In April of 2011 in protests to current “amoral” policies, a radical Mormon splinter group bombs 3 federal buildings in unison. The loss of life is significant and the nation is greatly angered. Many declare Mormonism and their supporters a dangerous “terrorist cult”. Some Congressmen call for the dismantling of Mormon church.

In July of 2011 another federal building is bombed. Though it is not clear Mormons were actually responsible, President Obama signs an executive order to round up the most radical elements of the Mormon church. Unfortunately the scope, which is based on “association”, goes well beyond the mandate and many average and innocent Mormons are also caught in the “net”.

In August of 2011 incensed by the incursion into the “separation of church and state”, mass protests are staged by numerous religious organizations. Unfortunately the protests turn violent, with many injured and great damage in a number of cities. Incensed, Mormons are ultimately blamed by the public.

In September of 2011, President Obama declares Mormons a “terrorist group” and their more radical elements “enemy combatants”. The act causes yet more anger in the religious community and yet more violence.

The arrested Mormons remain in detention, most uncharged, as long as the “war” on “religious terrorism” continues. A cold war begins between extremist religious elements and the Democratically controlled Federal government. Violence continues with no apparent end in sight…

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