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You should care about “enemy combatant” status – v1

Fiction of why this decision matters…

November of 2008, in a surprise upset John McCain wins the presidential election. Though the margin is slim, he claims a “mandate” to continue the Republican policies of the last 8 years.

In March of 2010, a dirty bomb is exploded in a major metropolitan city. Thousands die and tens of thousands are injured. Though no group or country takes responsibility, the immediate suspicion is an Iranian backed splinter group of Hezbollah. The economy still not having recovered from the Bush years, takes a major tailspin.

In June of 2010, based on “intelligence”, President McCain declares unilateral war on Iran, calling them a “terrorist country” and declaring their supporters “terrorist supporters”. Oil prices soar with the announcement driving enormous inflation and putting the economy in peril. Soccer moms and “Regan Democrats” turn hard to the right again.

In late June of 2010, believing correctly or incorrectly the intelligence is flawed, large protests against the pending invasion are staged. The President’s Press Secretary indicates that being a time of “war”, that Americans must “watch what they say”. Numerous politicians indicate that those against the war are, “aiding the terrorists”.

In July of 2010 some of the more radical elements of the anti-war movement bomb in unison a number of Army recruiting stations. Though injuries are few, the national outrage is great. Many Americans looking for a scapegoat for their economic pain and outrage at the previous terrorist act, turn their anger inward.

In late July of 2010, President McCain based on precedent set by the Bush administration, signs an executive order for the arrest of the most radical elements of the anti-war movement. The sweep though aimed at those responsible for the recruiting center bombings, goes well beyond the initial mandate and also targets those who have had any association with members of the groups involved or the organizations which they belonged. In the end, many average innocent citizens end up in the “net”.

In August of 2010 the invasion of Iran is launched. Citing the necessities of supporting our soldiers, preventing internal “terrorism”, and the long term nature of the coming war, the previously arrested anti-war elements are declared “enemy combatants” and Americans are told they will be detained indefinitely until the “hostilities have ceased”.

In November of 2010 in response to the fears of continued terrorism, a Republican majority once again takes Congress. All decisions by McCain become effectively rubber stamped. Some in Congress call for additional sweeps, including “environmental terrorists” and other “anti-American” elements.

In November of 2012 with the war still continuing, McCain is re-elected, the anti-war protesters remain in detention, more calls to round up “terrorist liberals” resound, and the war in Iran and on terror continues…

In January of 2013 you are arrested for having read the “terrorist” blog “”.

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