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Hillary’s campaign leaves the rails…

I admit at some level it might be true that Obama’s success has to do with his race, but it’s not provable in any way, nor is it necessary to prove. Regardless, it is highly offensive in a very race oriented way:

I’d have to say unless Hillary lets Ms. Ferraro go, it pretty puts an indelible stain on their campaign. The fact that Ms. Ferraro reiterated her comments on of all places, Fox, is particularly disturbing.

Usually I think these sorts of things are typical political mudslinging and therefor much ado about nothing, however this seems a bit extreme even by normal political standards. If this stands, or rather Hillary allows it to stand, I think it unfortunately proves what many of us have suspected all along – that Hillary is willing to do anything to win and she is an amoral creature of politics. In short, ambition trumps all.

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