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Matt Drudge is a traitor…

Using his own language, Matt Drudge is a traitor for giving this expose that Prince Harry is in Afghanastan.

The right wing and so-called patriot aided and abbedded the enemy and put the life of a member of one of our key allies at risk for a cheap promotional gain. Given that Harry’s deployment was intentionally being kept a secret by the coalition forces, and Matt Drudge intentionally exposed that secret, there is no other conclusion to be derived than he is a traitor andĀ he should beĀ prosecuted to the full extent of the law for violating state secrecy laws. Furthermore, charges should be seriously considered for aiding terrorist organizations by intentionally releasing this information into their hands.

Of course I am being entirely sarcastic and over the top here – I don’t believe Drudge should be prosecuted in any way shape or form (well, I wouldn’t mind a Congressional condemnation), however were the tables turned and a similar action done by one of the so-called “liberal media” (say their favorite darling, and supporter of the Iraqi war, the NYT), Drudge and others like him would be all over them for traitorously placing our forces at risk.

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