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Is This A Scary Place Or What?

I don’t know if you’ve been watching lately, but the U.S. has become a pretty scary place. No I’m not talking about al-Qa’ida in your back yard, I’m talking about our own government, I’m talking about this new found conservatism that has swept the country. Frankly I wish I was talking about al-Qa’ida and we should be talking about al-Qa’ida because they’re a damn dangerous lot and haven’t gone away, however compared to our own leaders I’m beginning to wonder who I should be more afraid of.

al-Qa’ida, evil as they may be, is only a transient organization. In the scheme of things it will not exist long. Our government on the other hand is likely persist for many lifetimes.

In response to terrorist attacks, changes have been precipitated that can be best described as “Orwellian”. These changes threaten to create a governing body that in combination with technology is “all powerful”, “all knowing”, and not necessarily benevolent.

Actually to imply that these changes are in response to terrorism is wrong. These changes have been in the works for many years, but the World Trade Center attacks have allowed an opportunistic leadership to shift them into high gear.

On the surface the changes appear to be relatively innocuous, in part because we, naively I believe, trust our current leadership, however they open windows of opportunity that will provide future administrations with untold power.

The truth is in fact far more frightening than that. These changes have been crafted in many ways to favor the ruling class. A class that already virtually controls all media and the election process. These changes will allow them to ultimately control something far more important – dissidence.

Perhaps I am wrong and these are executed with the best intentions, but intentional or not these changes will allow future administrations to go well beyond accepted practices to control those who might threaten their power. After all, with a little work we can all appear to be al-Qa’ida.

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