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Expediency Is Not Justice

For the sake of expediency, this administration has consistently attacked the very values of which they claim to be protecting. While the right of everyman to a lawyer, the right to a fair and speedy trial by a court of your peers, the right of protection of privacy, the right to client attorney privilege, and the right to be charged when held, may slow the efforts of our officers of the law, they are the very foundation of which this nation is built. They are the freedoms which we seek to protect and the difference, the greatness, that makes us better than those we would call our “enemies”. They are the very thing that gives us the right to say, “They are ‘unjust and bad’ and we are ‘just and good’.” Without them, no distinction can be made and no moral argument to enforce our vision over theirs.

From the birth of this nation we have chosen the “right” path over the “easy” path, and while eliminating these rights may make our path in this “war” easier, they do not make it “right”.

This nation was not built in a day, nor can we expect justice to be served in a day. Those who would choose expediency over justice would help destroy the very nation that they would seek to protect.

George Bush says, “Our enemy don’t care about these rules, the Senate does”. No sir, we all should.

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