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Look in the mirror liberals

It sucks because at a time when we should be questioning the whole path that the “liberal” party has taken, one cannot really argue that the choice this time is really that stark. However, it is the neoliberal status-quo and our inability, or rather refusal, to offer a real solution to the suffering middle class […]

“trickle down”, Bugle style…

In regards to “trickle down economics”:

“What is trickling down and what is it trickling down? That is one trowser leg you don’t want to be at the bottom of.”

– Andy Zaltzman, The Bugle

What Clinton people don’t get…

Many people I respect greatly support Hillary. This leads to conversations (arguments?) as to why I think Bernie is a better choice than Hillary. Often these conversations are frustrating because I do in fact respect these people, but also because despite saying over and over again that I really don’t care how realistic Hillary’s policies […]

Worse than every war before?

Matt Lauer on NBC to Hillary Clinton:

“It seems, Secretary Clinton, that information is so vital when it comes to combatting terrorism, and that is why perhaps—perhaps—you hear some people say when you get a key suspect like the one who was taken into custody in Brussels last Friday, maybe you should use some enhanced […]

Why we find terrorists after they terrorize…

If you want to know, despite all the dollars spent, why we seem to only find terrorists after they’ve finished terrorizing, this entry from the Homeland Security Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report might give a clue:

This is why the idea of sweeping as much data into the NSA databases as possible […]

A fitting follow up…

I truly find what Trump is saying is execrable, though I have to admit I find those who agree with him far more scary, even if I count some of them my friends.

Still, have we really come to the point where we find it necessary to censor ideas that we find objectionable?:

Isn’t […]

Hate speech is legal…

I hear arguments from my fellows on the left against the types of speech that may have incited anti-abortion violence (“anti-abortion violence” a sort of oxymoron in itself). While I agree that morally the right should STFU a bit (or rather, tone it down), I disagree with any implication that censorship would be reasonable here.


In Britain, Labor finally gets its head out of its ass…

Will the Democrats finally do so too?

For the Conservatives, the deficit is just an excuse to railroad through the same old Tory Republican agenda: driving down wages, cutting taxes for the wealthiest, allowing house prices to spiral out of reach, selling off our national assets and attacking trade unions. You can’t cut your way […]

The sanctity of it all…

Via a friend, says it all really:

The new “anti-Americans”…

Just as the religious fundamentalists claim a lock on the truth of Christianity, the Republicans claim a lock on the truth of “patriotism”. I would argue that modern history shows both conjectures to be false, but particularly the later.

The thing is, when I was a kid while the Republicans were the “squares” fighting equality, […]